Pet Mod Triple Threat (Slate 6: Free-for-All)


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Name: Regieleki

Stats: 95 / 90 / 80 / 90 / 85 / 130
Abilities: Aerilate
Move Additions: Aeroblast, Hurricane, Brave Bird, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Steel Beam
Move Removals: Extreme Speed
Competitive Justification: sort of an aaa reference. i removed extreme speed because it would be very broken. this gets rapid spin so i buffed it's bulk a little. i couldn't really do a third type for this.
Name: Hatterene

Stats: 77 / 90 / 95 / 116 / 103 / 29 | 510
Abilities: Healer / Anticipation / Magic Bounce
Movepool Changes:
+ Outrage, Dragon Claw, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Moonblast
Justification: bounce is a form of hazard control, and this is able to come in on magcargo/dondozo/thorns and easily reflect spikes/rocks. watch out for overqwil and zangoose though
Name: Furret

Stats: 85 / 96 / 84 / 45 / 65 / 100
Abilities: Fluffy / Keen Eye / Frisk
Movepool Changes:
+ Earthquake, Headlong Rush, Light Saunter
90 BP / 100 Acc / 16 PP /
/ 10% chance to raise Speed by 1. Justification: tidy up user. fluffy is cool on this to bolster its physical bulk and make hazard removal a bit easier
once i code this were gonna do some playtesting so stay tuned tm


long day at job
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welcome back. playtest tournament has ended (unless turtlek and xr kartana play their game, which would be nice); here are the usage stats
PokemonUseUsage %Winrate %
Iron Thorns1260%58.33%
Iron Jugulis735%85.71%

so we can clearly see some trends: grafaiai and cyclizar are very effective, perhaps too much so. both have great offensive coverage, with the former's sd and unburden and pretty viable ways to use items in red card/grassy seed and the latter's ability to heal off any chip paired with high speed and shift gear. iron jugulis was on the same level as them, and furret has the highest winrate, but from what i saw in the replays they didn't do nearly as much as the aforementioned.

on the other hand, quite a few mons underperformed. dondozo has the highest usage rate with iron thorns but won far less often, and zangoose/hatterene/overqwil/magcargo had even worse winrates. and omastar/dhelmise/darmzen/delphox were not used at all.

in summary, the current meta is quite slanted toward offense, though zxgzxg was quite dominant in the tour often playing a hyper offense team which factors into this. so here are the balance changes:

83/93/75/85/92/107 | 535
- Gunk Shot, Acrobatics
this should make it a little harder to threaten things out as now it isn't the third fastest mon in the tier, outsped by jugulis and brrrwtick. gunk shot and acrobatics removal forces it to rely more on weaker stabs like poison jab and knock off; it still has sky attack but this can't be used with items other than power herb, making it less splashable as a sweeper.

- Shift Gear
shift gear with such wide stab coverage made it too difficult to wall, so it will be removed. it still has cm i guess but with 85 spa that's less concerning.

90/60/125/115/70/55 | 515
+ Strength Sap, U-Turn, Flip Turn
omastar with bug slapped on it was never gonna work. with a newfounded niche in being extremely physically bulky with sap (despite its pretty middling defensive typing) let us hope it finds a place in the meta.

90/131/100/86/90/60 | 557
theoretically ghost/grass/water is a pretty good typing, but dhelmise just doesn't have the bulk to take hits, warranting an hp bump. additional speed lets it outspeed walls like dondozo without needing investment which is very useful.

slate 8, return to form: ice, ghost, filler

filling in a few niches that could be promising: i noticed that all 4 of the top tier mons are weak to ice, so an ice revenge killer might be cool. additionally both our ghosts are currently defensive. lastly, one free slot

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